A (short) Treatise Pertaining to the Proper Manner of Discussing Politics, featuring "Dolphin Rapes Trout"

Paid for by Friends of Vermin Supreme/Deez Nutz 2016. A companion piece.

Warning: this video contains graphic depictions of fraud, pandering, empty promises, stolid, disingenuous rhetoric, the preying on of broken spirits and a rough attempt at sounding concerned with human life.
Oh, and some Zebra jism, if that bothers you.

Just in time for election day, it's another aesthetic dramatization of what arguing politics on the internet and comments/tweets about political candidates look like, in an alternate dimension where the universe isn't simply a rhetorical butt-fuck.

As supplementary material, you can (still) browse youtube "comedian" Peter Coffin's twitter for about two minutes and decide for yourself if you are as much of a bored, desperate-to-feel-important, proselytizing fuckhead. At least he seems to be anti-Hillary to some degree, so he's not a complete cuck. Well, not really. He tweets so much, who can tell. Also, who cares. Don't click that link.

Audio clip from: Hillary "Botfly In the Ointment" Clinton's robotically impassioned speech in North Carolina

Video clips from: the insane amount of animal fucking that can be found on youtube with a simple search, provided by people who just don't give a fuck.

Dedicated to millions of unbearable faggots.
I recommend remembering to watch this again in fall, 2020. -BrianshipPotemkin