13: I'm White, Male and I Can't Look at Myself in the Mirror at Night Without Throwing Up- The Jonathan McIntosh Story, pt. 2

Lamb Chop's Read Along

Update, 12-4-14: In lieu of a seventh video in the "Tropes vs Women in Video Games" series which was fully paid for two and a half years ago, Feminist Frequency has graced it's ripped-off fan base with an also long-awaited (sarcasm) video version of this ancient article, orated by white, male nobodies (my assumption based on it not including any of their names), industry pariahs (also white and male) and one awful, sentient mustache.

Mind you, this is a video for the Feminist Frequency channel. These are examples of $FullMac pimping it out himself; the key here is his admittance to it being a video that he made@femfreq (the far more popular company account) however, repeatedly uses a rather different pronoun when mentioning it's creator.

Many people have hilariously responded to it in video form, such as:

Commissar of Gamergate

and this dude, who I didn't know before this, but subscribed to immediately afterwards.

What did I learn from the video version that I didn't know while reading and recording this article? That Tim Schafer's voice sounds like he's been castrated. I was not aware of this.