10: We Cunted the Mammoth, Vol. 1- The New Race Card, Tracked and Mocked

Lamb Chop's Read Along

In an ongoing set of AA Volumes, I will attempt to clean out and surgically disinfect the clown-shoe locker of a world-wide-web Big Top called: We Hunted the Mammoth: The New Misogyny, Tracked and Mocked.

I will periodically return to peruse the site in attempt to expose it for what I think is going on there: David Futrelle may be the kind of person who, continually seeking something to be indignant about, needs to catch someone, anyone politically opposed to him with a smoking gun (of any sort, no matter how petty) so badly that he consistently projects his own insecurities, self-disgust and lack of humor (about his politics and himself especially) onto everyone that he refuses to understand or purposefully misinterprets. Just an idea.