18: 'motaku, the "Simple Jack" of Games Reporting, Vol. 1- Role Reversal: "George Kamatani is the 14-year-old Boy and I'M the Professional"

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George Kamatani acknowledging the success of Jason's neo-puritanical, insultingly Eurocentric 'motaku trolling. 

At one point I mentioned that Dragon's Crown could not be played, as Jason Schreier says, "in public." I did forget that a version of Dragon's Crown exists on PS Vita. But my point stands, since no one takes the PS Vita itself into public. Even if they did, no one on the subway or the bus or on the park bench gives a shit about what "embarrassing," big-breasted art stylized, grind-based RPG you're playing, Jason; nor have they inherently accepted the "video games=boy's club" axiom, because, just like yourself (metaphorically if not also literally by coincidence) everyone else has their own head stuck far up inside their shitty, escapist mobile devices. You're projecting, Jason. And you're an ideologue. And you're an idiot. (See mid-section of article two for context, underneath the official "Dwarf" graphic.)

Not to mention of course, that (surely not all projection, here) a statistical majority of the supportive comments on these "down with 'objectification' in video games" articles are posted by folks who almost definitely "fap" to pornography, probably including hentai (even more ironic) if they're posting on gaming sites. Go fuck yourself, San Diego, you hypocrites.