17: Nathan "Insert Obfuscated yet Accurate Middle Name" Grayson- Something Almost Different, pt. 2

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After reading the second article, I'm no longer sure about how I feel about Grayson. The article surely humanizes him by being frank and straightforward about the violent personality he attributes to most of his life, something that apparently sends up a red flag when he watches a video game trailer like the one for "Hatred."

However, as much as I want to empathize with his weird mental fixation on violence, it's difficult for me to ignore why his name is even known by me now (yes, this article is one-sided, but I do not think that criticism of his "professional" demeanor is unwarranted). I believe, after reading the rockpapershotgun article "Gaming Made Me," where he talks about his childhood love of games (Warcraft in particular), that he is, taking from Les Claypool's "El Sobrante Fortnight," "a babe in the woods and a kid in the candy store all at the same time": he is now so far beyond the pale of the innocent excitement, being able to live the dream of professionally writing about his favorite art form, that the ability to rationalize his motives is in hyper drive.

If someone currently playing video games is mentally disturbed and potentially harmful, they are probably fantasizing about real murder while playing CoD and GTA; they don't need "Hatred" to piece it together nor enlighten them about the thrill of violence. Nathan Grayson did not, either.