A Short Treatise Pertaining to the Proper Manner of Discussing Politics, featuring "Chimp Rapes Frog"

Paid for by Friends of Bernie Sanders 2016.

An aesthetic dramatization of what politics being argued on the internet (especially when this includes taking Donald Trump seriously for any reason) and comments/tweets about political candidates look like in an alternate dimension where the universe isn't simply a rhetorical butt-fuck.
As supplementary material, you can browse youtube "comedian" Peter Coffin's twitter for about two minutes and decide for yourself if you are as much of a bored, desperate-to-feel-important, proselytizing fuckhead.

Clip from: Audible's audio book sample of Donald Trump's "Think BIG and kick ASS in Business and Life."

Video clips from: a set of specific youtube searches that become necessary, if not justified to honor friends who fucking refuse to stop cross-trolling each other with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump memes/"facts."

Dedicated to two unbearable faggots.