19: The Curse of the Ghost of the Pantsless Scholar, pt. 1: Compliments Bereft of Ego

"I can tell you, with no ego... this is my finest sword."

Recorded over March 5th and 6th, 2015, BrianshipPotemkin has an increasingly personal conversation with his best friend of over twenty years, Greggs: The Pantless Scholar, the one who helped him, across that now seemingly short span of time, find the value in being an Autodidact, let alone mortal at all. In this series of "interviews," Greggs dispenses his valuable opinions about artists, "great people" and where inspiration comes from: the first one of their thousands of introspectively important discussions to ever be recorded.

We also attempt to figure out what it is we're all 'sposed to be afraid of.

These episodes are sponsored by a one-half gallon bottle of Bacardi Gold, shaken, not stirred with two decades of incontrovertible bonding and a twist of homemade Chorizo burritos.

There's nothing to read along to this time, but listening to Charlie Rose interview Quentin Tarantino is recommended for anyone with a serious artistic vision. Any combination of "Charlie Rose," "Tarantino" and the name of one of his films on youtube will bring up a Charlie Rose interview relating to the film; a wealth of inspiring information is there for people who want to get things done, whether or not one appreciates his work or not.