An AA Original Sub-series: We CUNTED the Mammoth- The New Race Card, Tracked and Mocked

In an ongoing set of AA Volumes, I will attempt to clean out and surgically disinfect the clown-shoe locker of a world-wide-web Big Top titled, "We Hunted the Mammoth: The New Misogyny, Tracked and Mocked."

I will periodically return to peruse the site in attempt to expose it for what I think is going on there: David Futrelle may be the kind of person who, continually seeking something to be indignant about, needs to catch someone, anyone opposed to his sophomoric values with their politically incorrect pants down, or a smoking gun (of any sort, no matter how petty) so badly that he consistently projects his own insecurities, self-disgust and lack of humor (about his politics and himself, especially) onto everyone that he refuses to understand or purposefully misinterprets. Just an idea.

As much as he seems to pigeonhole Men's Rights Activists (irony like this concurrent lack of self awareness is something I hope to point out whenever possible), David Futrelle did not track or mock this. Ask yourself, "why?"

From what I gather, these are the infractions which lead to being labeled a "New Misogynist":

Being male (men and boys have a roughly 68% chance of being genetically disposed towards "new misogynistic" behaviors beyond their control);

Criticizing a woman;

Making fun of a woman;

Neglecting to speak and act as if all women are the seed of perfection and limitless grace;

Finding yourself sexually drawn to, or even audaciously requesting the generous audience before one of these fine countesses, who does not happen to see you as worthy of courtship;

Pointing out that being male has never, in history, completely consisted of smiles and sunshine;

Identifying as a Men's Rights Activist (this is actually a sub-classification of "new misogyny"; you may, however, find yourself an unwitting member of the MRM according to the doctrine of "new misogyny," if you also meet any of the following criteria);

Disagreeing with David Futrelle;

Commenting on WHtM with any words out of political alignment with David Futrelle;

Making any joke at the expense of David Futrelle;

Offending David Futrelle's puerile, yet hallowed sensibilities;

Being a better looking man than David Futrelle (surmised from context);

Mildly hinting that David Furtelle's physical heath is possibly compromised due to his obesity;

Giving David Furtelle a stink-eye in the club right before leaving with the girl he wishes he knew how to bring home himself (surmised from context);

-estimated political utility of the phrase "New Misogyny": near limitless.

-practical usefulness of the phrase "New Misogyny" in handling weighty social issues; educating the uneducated; guiding the intelligent and willful towards possibly moral pursuits; helping young people to garner empathy for those of other socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures: 0, if not absolutely harmful, dragging it into the negative.