An AA Original Sub-series: 'motaku, the "Simple Jack" of Games Reporting

"Anything you put on that prompter, Burgundy will read."

...and any ideological molehill that can be made into a thoughtlessly pretentious, self-aggrandizing mountain, Kotaku will print.

Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra and any other gaming publication focused on political correctness and emotionally over-biased power-blogging can go fellate themselves in the "progressive" echo chamber they seemingly wish to create. Anyone who cares about gaming will go elsewhere.

This sub-series is dedicated to mocking the former and it's rancor, as it attempts to pretend that it is still writing with the for gamers, by gamers publication standard it might at one point held aloft as profitable; what I now see are essentially Op-Eds and E-tabloids positing themselves as honest information sources, which is more than moderately embarrassing and perhaps harmful.

The inspiration for this series comes partly from having compared these two "reviews" of Bayonetta 2:


Game Informer

One addresses the reader as if they had actually played the original Bayonetta, understanding and respecting that there is a strict fan base for this long awaited sequel and helping the reader grasp why he/she should or should not be excited for it's arrival; the other rhetorically shames that entire group for even desiring a sequel, implicitly calling both them and newcomers "sexist" by proxy of wanting to enjoy it, whilst, in this context, backhandedly teasing how, yet never explaining exactly why, this is a sequel that trumps the original.

I guess this is why "let's plays" are a thing, now; it's difficult to paint a "you should be offended" narrative when you allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Volume One.