Two Dudes;
Zero Hope

Y'all have been BOOLshittin' for too goddamn long.
The Randals, OneEighth and WilyMD cut-the-fuck-up on you and your stupid existence.
Ehh... it's okay, you probably had it coming.

And what do you expect? You shouldn't have left your Randal Graves unchecked by a Dante Hicks. What you get is a black n' white radio show just for the rest of us folk.

Submit your music for YB radio play at:
Watch Live at on Mixxxer, Wednesday nights at Midnight
Tweet @OneEighth to akks The Randals somethin'.
Do not follow WilyMD @thebardpedal, please just leave him be
All songs used with permission by OneEighth and BrianshipPotemkin for The Y'allBOOLshittin' Radio show

The Ya'll BOOLshittin'! Theme: Apostasy, by BillesDeRais