From my vantage point here...

The comically eclectic sophistry of an ever-aging, solipsistic Gaspar, Guru of Time.

Starting from number One is recommended. A true introduction and the assurance that your favorite characters are not being defaced in the form of a forthright disclaimer is also heavily endorsed:

But not to worry... all time periods connect, here: An Introduction

Heaven's Time-Gate Disclaimer: written for those with an overly-inflated sense of self-entitlement, yet who’s vicariously instilled entropy and subconsciously pervasive nostalgia-addiction are just barely outweighed by some willingness to devote their time to knee-jerk bitching about anything on the internet that offends them.

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Corpseflower Conservatory

Thematic poems, partitioned, featuring all the classics from 2008/2009: 

Flesh & Seed ...of the Pomegranate

Ostinato City, a personal exodus tale referencing Ninety-Three by Victor Hugo, still awaiting completion

Mammon-wrought Man, an Aria in 7 parts

Autodidact Aristocrat, an epilogue to the “Mammon Aria”

One-word Dialogue, an ode to my philosophical brother in his absence

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