Issue One: Black Opus

"Issue One" of Claymore Nepotism mostly features Brianship's inspired character, "The Drog," a lovable optimist with a heart of gold (although he can be forthright with the ladies).

As the two delve into the seedy digital underbelly of a mostly forgotten game (even considering that most of this was filmed only a year or so after it's release) Call of Duty series, one that is still fucking and spawning like a true Catholic, A.K. is the joystick jockey, their Virgil, guiding him through a morass of cheap-shots and firefights, doing her best to make sure that no one's response to any of his menacing can ever be a simple and lazy, "shut up, you suck."

Also featuring: analog-digital recording, sparse editing and one cat.

Soon to see an upgrade for Issue 2, including more cats.