When the Rest Blackout
the Geeks Come Out

When the rest of the 3&3 Fifths crew black out, two brave souls among their numbers venture into the night, embarking on winding conversations about the art of video games and their fervent nostalgia for them.

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Last Call

The cynical game publishers vs cynical gamers marathon continues. Phoenix, BrianshipPotemkin and 4ButtonSoul of 3&3 Fifths discuss their gaming histories and E3 2016 while Running Tree is on vacation. The crew watches a few more trailers and some E3 conference videos, getting sidetracked by conversations about Xenogears, cheap-ass first run Xbox 360s/PS3's, PC building vs consoles and "reballing" Running Tree's cat while he's away.

The only "spirits" in the room aren't in the bodies of the E3 presenters, for sure: they're in the glass of 4ButtonSoul as he joins Potemkin in the continuation of the E3 2016 drinking game. Recorded Live on Saturday, June 18th.

Phoenix, BrianshipPotemkin and 4ButtonSoul of 3&3 Fifths discuss their gaming histories and E3 2016 when RunningTree goes on vacation. Browsing through a playlist of E3 game trailers, the Last Call crew attempts their best to be less cynical than the publishers of said games (not difficult).

Take a drink of hard liquor every time a trailer is for a sequel, for a reboot, is for an FPS, contains no game play footage and/or is for a game that also had a trailer at E3 2015 (thus is still pending release). Tower of Babel does not condone driving home after playing the E3 drinking game. Recorded Live on Saturday, June 18th.

The Pantless Scholar, guesting on 3&3 Fifths, becomes part of an abrupt and resonating Last Call tangent discussing aesthetic comparisons between Bioshock Infinite and Soul Reaver 2, the advent and fallout of quick-time events, the new gaming bubble and how the want of removing the constraints of modern controller/keyboard input may align with the long standing trend of supremely valuing vocalists over musical composers and virtuosos, with spates of Potemkin and Phoenix arguing at length about Twisted Metal.

May include an aside on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Patriot act; may abruptly end with a cigarette break. #fucksmokers

The corruption and madness of the FIFA organisation, the skill of Grand Prix racing and Italy spilling their tactical spaghetti during World War II. And Snooker.

Need for Speed, FFVII, and The Last Guardian.

Join the E3 circle-jerk! Phoenix and 4ButtonSoul catch BrianshipPotemkin up on the happenings of E3 2015.

Final Fantasy VII, Parkinson's disease, Star Fox, mayonnaise and Phoenix using the EZ Gun, even in Destiny.

More to mock about E3 to come in the next few episodes in an, as always, untimely fashion.

Last Call members Phoenix and BrianshipPotemkin bring 4ButtonSoul into the fray with a briefly cynical look at Destiny, dreams of playing Bloodborne without having to buy the (still currently) worthless modern consoles and as is their wont, another glancing dose of mockery directed at SquareEnix where Phoenix proves to be a shill Lv. 2 by anticipating Final Fantasy XV, but having never played through FF VI.

A topically eclectic segment from an already in progress conversation about Phoenix's experience with the Uncharted series, where we eventually lapse into discussions about film.

The PS4, XboxOne console nascency is discussed in further detail and SquareEnix's saved-for-a-rainy-day money-printing machine is addressed. The beginning of a to-be-continued conversation about our favorite games of the PS3/Xbox 360 era commences. Top grossing games lists are poorly perused on poorly designed websites and the competing consoles' integrated addiction systems (achievements/trophies) are compared and contrasted.

The first presented, however not the first Last Call conversation that's been laid down. All ass-backwards, it was actually recorded before that evening's episode of 3&3 Fifths but maintains as a decent introduction to their personal gaming philosophies.

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