The True Face of the Patriarchy or #FreeAnita

I regularly make jokes at the expense of the "patriarchy" myth that is regularly spouted by radical feminists (See tumblristas). So, when I saw this tweet from @TheRalphRetort, I thought to myself, actually, this is pretty accurate as far as a real patriarchy is concerned. The stance of a male radical feminist is something that I find incredibly hypocritical. There is a common practice in radical feminism that is accusing non-feminist or anti-feminist women of being gender traitors. Now, I would denounce that term if it didn't fit these radical feminist male allies so well. To be clear, I'm not saying anyone can't be a feminist, I am all for equality  and allowing people to do as they please, I just think radical feminism is not constructive in any way.

Just the other day one of these male feminists, one Ian Miles Cheong, told Angela Night, of Thoughts of a Feminist Gamer, to "go away" just for pointing out their hypocrisy. Do these people not read what they write before they press the "tweet" button? Surely any reasonable person would see this and think exactly what Angela did. The fact that this escalated after Cheong's tweets and he was actively engaging in the harassment of a feminist is tremendously hypocritical. A lot of these male feminists are not even holding themselves up to their own beliefs. And if they're not holding themselves up the least we can do as non-feminists or otherwise is hold them to their own beliefs.

The biggest issue that I take here is that one Jonathan Mcintosh seems to think he's some kind of authority on who can or cannot be a feminist. His comments on Christina Hoff Sommers are absolutely despicable, this is a woman that has been a feminist since before he was even in diapers. Is Jonathan Mcintosh really the kind of person that feminism needs? Watching Emma Watson's UN speech from a little while back, I would say no. The kind of self-loathing radical feminist rhetoric this man spews is not constructive to any real discussions about equality between men and women.

There is a huge issue here regarding Jonathan Mcintosh and Anita Sarkeesian, there is a growing consensus that Anita is very little more than a mouthpiece for the rhetoric of a self-styled propagandist. In my opinion this viewpoint is something that could harm and devalue Anita Sarkeesian as a woman and a feminist. If Anita really wants to make a difference as far as feminism goes then she should distance herself from Mcintosh, the rhetoric we see from this man is actively causing harm to a woman. The "threats" and "harassment" that Anita receives are unacceptable, that much I will say. But, what's worse is that she is speaking for a man and it is causing her to receive this abuse, do feminists see this as acceptable? Because I don't think it's acceptable at all.

What can we do? Well, not much, other than voice this concern and discuss these issues with other feminists. Ultimately it will take Anita seeing that this man is detrimental to her cause for anything beneficial to happen.