KingOfPol or Self-Regicide

Over the past few days #GamerGate has been embroiled in internal drama mostly orchestrated by KingOfPol over alleged screens of Nick Denton's personal Facebook page. On first glance it would be easy to assume that these screens are legitimate. But, one of the running themes for #GamerGate is "Trust but Verify" (A jab at "Listen and Believe").

Initially, I was suckered into this. But, it wasn't long before I became sceptical, and I wasn't the only one. I think at the time of this supposed leak everything was relatively quiet, we had just come off of Arthur Chu's Pakman interview and there wasn't much happening other than the usual rumblings of e-mails being sent to advertisers. In short, it had been a while since there had been any big happenings within the movement.

From that, I believe that some people may have taken it upon themselves to make something happen. Now, whether KingOfPol orchestrated the leaks himself or was merely duped into posting them, remains to be seen. But, if he was presented with them he failed the first rule of #GamerGate and leaks, "Trust but Verify" and if he orchestrated them himself he underestimated the movement's ability to look in and verify the "leaks". 

Initially, these leaks would be seen as a morale boost and that's understandable. But, ultimately it would arise to any dissenting voices within the ranks being accused of being a "paid shill". This is something that the movement as a whole should be against,one of the underlying messages of #GamerGate is that everyone's opinion is valid and that disagreement is healthy, this is contrary to the opposing side that commonly shouts down dissent.

I can't say I know KingOfPol's thoughts around these leaks, because I don't. But, I think that his intentions were good in that he was trying to refocus everyone on Gawker Media, something that RogueStar and others are now doing. But, he does need to own his mistakes instead of flying off the handle at other people, such as MundaneMatt and others. Ultimately, what I ask of any #GamerGate members buying into this drama is that you don't ostracize KingOfPol. Yes, trust has been broken, but, every voice is important and every voice is welcome.