Airport's Law of Internet White Knights.

What is Airport's Law? In my own experience, Airport's Law is an Internet adage similar to that of Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies or Poe's Law. Airport's Law in it's original form is as follows;

"Everyday another goony beard-man gets the impression that a rainbow haired she-twink might let him cum in her if he attacks #GamerGate"

At the time of writing, this one tweet by @CHOBITCOIN or "air port" has almost 2100 retweets and around 1850 favourites. But, let's take a deeper look at Airport's Law as an Internet adage as opposed to simply a tweet.

There are a few important components to Airport's Law. Firstly, the "goony beard-man" this is a fairly standard description for internet white knights. A typical beard for a "goony beard-man" would be the neckbeard although thicker, more facial-centric beards have been seen on the "goony beard-man". But, some "goony beard-men" do appear clean shaven as the "goony beard-man" is simply an analogy for white knights at large. So, we can assume that the "beard-man" part of this description is not as important as the "goony" part. It can almost definitely be said that white knights are for the most part "goony" in nature.

The second important component to Airport's Law is the "rainbow haired she-twink". This is a descriptor for your typical Internet damsel or the consummate professional victim. As is the case with the "goony beard-man" though, not all "rainbow haired she-twinks" conform to the "rainbow haired" or "she-twink" standard and can be seen with normal hair colours and can almost definitely be found out of the range of a typical "twink" body type.

Finally, you have the "Might let him cum in her if he attacks #GamerGate" part. This is the clincher. This is the reason that white knights or "goony beard-men" act the way that they do around damsels or "rainbow haired she-twinks" and their detractors, which, in this instance is #GamerGate. But, it can be applied to any person or movement that is disagreeing with a "rainbow haired she-twink".

So, in actuality we can safely replace "#GamerGate" with "X". If you do the same with the "goony beard-man" which becomes "Y" and the "rainbow haired she-twink" becomes "Z" you get something like;

 " Y believes that Z will have sex with him if he attacks or defends her against X"

In it's essence, Airport's Law is finally an explanation to the phenomena of "white knighting" on the Internet, and hopefully, it will finally put a stop to the ridiculous practice. I hope that one day I can see an exchange on the internet between two men, one of which would be defending the honour of woman he barely knows, and a third would interject with something like "Whoa, dude, you're going full Airport" to which the white knight will reply with something along the lines of "Oh, shit, sorry, my bad." (Note: I don't believe that will ever actually happen because we don't live in a perfect world where people realise that they're fallible.)

So, in closing, Airport's Law of Internet White Knights is an Internet adage which suggests that white knights will only defend or attack on behalf of a woman on the Internet in order to receive sexual favours from said woman. Regardless of any contributing factors in which it would not be possible to receive those favours, likely the belief that it could happen is so strong that it completely clouds the judgement of the white knight.