GamerGate or Only When it Suits us.

It's been over two weeks since thezoepost and the ensuing shitstorm and it seems that the rabbit hole runs deeper than we ever thought with the IGF awards being indicted in the latest batch of revelations. It would seem that Eron who has come under fire for thezoepost and the Five Guys references was actually not willing to completely divulge that it was in fact four guys and a girl.

But, that's not what I'm here to talk about. Over the past week or so, gamers from all walks of life, all creeds and all colours have been speaking out to defend their hobby after the self proclaimed "death of the gamer" by most of the so called "Games Journalism" websites. In a matter of 48 hours there were more than ten of these kinds of articles in a ridiculous show of solidarity from the sites that were called out for their shady business practices. The whole thing just smacked of an industry desperately trying to cover it's ass and cloud the issue. The gamers, however, would not be told that this was the end, that their identity was dead. No, instead, it brought them closer together. Whether that be through online petitions, YouTube videos or Twitter hashtags.

But apparently this show of solidarity by gamers isn't enough for their detractors, who are still intent on clouding the issue and trying to make it about something that it is not, and that is misogyny. The word misogynist means literally to hate women, I can assure you that there are very few people that actually hate women when it comes to gamers. Men are 3 times more likely to gender swap in video games, and why is that? Because, men like to look at women, they love women and they want to spend a long period of time looking at a female avatar. How do I know? Because I'm one of those guys.

The main thing that the social justice movement in the gamergate story seem to think. is that any woman, person of colour, transgender etc. is just a "sock puppet", what a normal person might refer to as a "catfish" or someone that is posing as someone else through social media. But, if there has been one thing I've noticed throughout the whole drama is that there are an awful lot of women, people of colour, transgender etc. on the side that are against the social justice indie dev cliques, all the while, the predominantly white, middle classed social justice indie dev clique continue to say they're speaking for women , people of colour, transgender etc. In my honest opinion this is the most obscene type of backhanded bigotry.

Telling people that you speak for them, because they harbour some kind of internalised misogyny, when it is themselves who are the most obviously self-loathing people is completely despicable. I do not speak for all gamers, but, the disregarding of anyone who is not a straight white male in the arguments of the social justice warriors needs to stop. Every gamer, regardless of their gender, race or sexual preference needs to be heard. You cannot silence them forever and that's the most beautiful thing about being a gamer. It doesn't matter what you identify as or the colour of your skin or any of that superficial stuff, at the end of the day, it's a love of the games that brings us together, oh sure, you might hurl abuse at someone in the heat of the moment in the middle of a round because they're handing your ass to you, but in the next moment they might be on your team. That's all we really want, everyone on the same team.


Disclaimer: I do not enjoy using the term "People of Colour" I think it's a despicably backhanded term that only the most racist person would use. Unfortunately I have used it here as a catch all term to save you the reader from having to read each individual case. However, I do believe that instances of race should be handled on an individual basis. Grouping people together in this way is most certainly a racist act.