Juri and Dudley vs.
Mokoto and the White Knights

4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin stream Super/Ultra Street Fighter IV whilst discussing the internet based affront to their current standard of morality and individuality.

Both are super; both enjoy a round or fifty of Street Fighter; both strongly dislike upper middle-class based, cannibalistic progressiveness.

It is said that the kids on the street, where these two happened to be fervently discussing the current political mores attuned to so-called "first world problems" and how these may spell an eventual end for humanity, had, at one time referred to them as the "SJDubb-Fightahs." This legend persists and so this is the name they've chosen... because the kids are always fucking hipper than you are. They are the super, social-justice-warrior fighters (sequel pending; update to sequel featuring conversations in turbo also pending; sequel to that also pending).

What do these McInjoshes, Hernandezes, Valentis and Watsons actually want from society and how are they able to convince thousands of people that they aren't simply self-absorbed, career-hungry reprobates? From Kotaku to Huffington Post, to Atheism+ to tumblr, these men and women have a strong sense of justice, coupled with a propensity for group think, ie: arguing against them is not only invalid... it makes one the scum of the earth.

This one's for the "white-male-cishet-transphope-sexist-ableist piece of shit" who's tired of being called a bigot by these supposed "egalitarians." ...and people who like Street Fighter.

Intro animation by 4ButtonSoulintro music mixes by BrianshipPotemkin

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Remember that article you read/video you watched/tweet you favorited that told you the word "cuck" is now unfunny because it's supposedly being overused by internet dogshits to defend politics which that particular blogger/vlogger doesn't like? Well, we've been calling Steve Shives a cuck since almost a year before that.
And no 2016 election year is going to take that away from him.

June 19, 2016: Steve Shives
June 12, 2016: Steve Shives
at The Philippic Olympics 2016
June 5, 2016: Steve Shives
May 29, 2016: Steve Shives
May 22, 2016: Steve Shives
May 15, 2016: Steve Shives
May 8, 2016: Steve Shives
May 1, 2016: Steve Shives
April 24 2016: Steve Shives
April 17 2016: Steve Shives
April 10 2016: Steve Shives
April 3, 2016: Steve Shives
March 27, 2016: Steve Shives
March 20, 2016: Steve Shives