9: The Return of The King (Jon Tatsumaki Senpukyaku the First)

The Super Social Justice Warrior Fighters, part of the Greatest Generation of this World Culture War II, return after a six month hiatus, with Ultra Bars charged and ready to parry whatever you've got, just to remind you why your basic ass even knows of the acronym "SJW."

During an impromptu episode at the new ToB studio, 4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin remember what makes this show so goddamn special: having fun; something that most of their opponents and many of their contemporaries have a classically stark aversion to.

Featuring guest-spots from your favorite Social Justice Maniacs: HannibullHouse13, King Jon TAAARyuken I, MarinaPleaseKeepTalking and Andy Cap'n/his Hot Fry.

The SsjDubb Fighters meet JJTalkz on her level as she "fills out" in college (the SsjwFighters DO NOT consider her an Social Justice Maniac, she's actually cool), understanding her annoyance of creeps paying a gross amount of attention to her weight, King Jon Targaryen I comments on some demagogic demagoguery by a semi-popular fuck calling himself Black Pigeon Speaks with no context, slut-shaming, Melissa A. Fabello and Mike Cernovich, all with a twist of younow.com in the background, where apparently Jaclyn Glenn has planted herself as a bored wino/seductress?

Opening footage from: King Jon all Jacked UP