Some Thirsty Motherfuckers, Part 1

The less European half of SSJWF goes rogue in an impromptu solo episode. Skip to 29:33 for the EZ Gun summary, bypassing all of the boring shit; recommended for those only in life for the climax.

A useless diatribe recorded over June first to the third, concerning "events" with which no one even remotely connected seems to care about anymore; and that, considering the supposed moral weight on display from them at the time, is rather sad as it's only been two weeks.

Most of what is said here is near eclipsed by having learned, after the fact, that JJTalkz is eighteen, so of course she doesn't know how to handle internet neckbeards a decade her senior. Knowing this, a more interesting/disgusting conflict was borne from a now near forgotten and sorry attempt at a moral conflagration.

Or, perhaps instead, indulge a written summary of the boring shit you chose to skip, the devout masochist you are:

Opening: from Community, Season 3, Episode 22
End theme: Smash, by The Offspring from eh, Smash (duh, you feckless, millennial reprobate (we kid, we kid))

(Sequester Zone's two videos on the subject have been made private as he was accused by his own noxious internet "friends" of being transphobic and whatever other shaming language that militant proxy-progressive-stackers use to feel like heroes)

JJTalkz's two videos, discussing her quasi-attempt to understand internet neck-children most likely ten years her senior (they've been downvoted collectively nearly two hundred times and the SSJWFs are not sure what kind of bored schlub would go out of their way to downvote these, save for a perturbed, internet neck-child of any age):
Subject A
Subject B
Steve "skeevy" Shives' video (however, downvoting this robotically mawkish attempt to take responsibility for his own label whilst doing literally nothing but talk into a mic and eventually move on, is recommended. Take note of the creepy grins and the mealy words seeping out through them):