Ryan Wiley in: "Laughless Lagomorph"

Condescending buzzkill Ryan Wiley is "done" with youtube drama (which he instigated of his own accord when calling out others by name with nothing but a humorless diatribe and a freshly plucked, unwashed carrot to snack on inside of the din of his own failure).

Let's encourage him to venture outside of the internet and make real friends. He is not a bad guy and far from being one. He makes us laugh and perhaps our laughter can help him move on; move on towards being able to laugh with us: at ourselves and each other, together, just like in real life.

If he generally smiled or laughed about himself with confidence as Bugs Bunny does, this hilarious connection would be much more shameless. But we do so, all for the sake of his spilled spaghetti.

End theme: "Introduction" by Hot Boys from "Let 'em Burn"