History Abhors a Paradox

A maiden voyage into the unknown;
a learning experience that cannot be simply told, but must be lived;
our gateway to doing something we value... pretty, pretty, pretty highly.

This group of nascent musicians push it to the limit by performing for the first time since their formation in January 2013, in front of their most discerning colleagues. The most beneficent of that roster does, most certainly, include one "Sid."

If you excuse the bevy of missed notes and counter-heckling,
you may find something worth liking in here.
Trust me, we hear the mistakes louder than you ever could.

Here's to next time.


Mr. The Plague: Rhythm acoustic and classical guitar
BrianshipPotemkin: Lead electric and classical guitar
Nat: flute
Running Tree and Leksi: ancillary video/audio recording
Sid: assorted buffoonery, clown prince of clown-princery