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The drunken ramblings of four friends, featuring an occasional guest. Fueled by booze and opinions, we can't promise it will be entertaining, but maybe informative and probably offensive, which, in just the right proportions is the definition of "entertainment," anyway. Delving into Art, Religion, Philosophy, Science, Politics and even the Occult, you're sure to find something you like. Join us on a weekly trip and choose your side. It's all the shit they tell you to never talk about at work, but fortunately for you, it's our job.

We are... Philosophers Without Borders.

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Slacker philosophers Phoenix, Running Tree, 4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin drink and make merry whilst broadcasting LIVE! from The Onyx Tower.


3&3 Fifths

Hot off the heels of eating a homemade chorizo and pepper pizza and a summer thus far dedicated to installing clutches and exhaust pipes into their Japanese vehicles, the crew rejoins to find that everything but make-up tutorials and children's programming on youtube is "not suitable for all advertisers."

Sadly, their English Correspondent, 4ButtonSoul has been promoted by the podcasting Gods to the position of "Tower of Babel Viceroy of Great Britain" and is being immediately relocated across the Atlantic for active duty. The crew will miss his farts and memes, but even more so, his insights, quick wit and more than satisfactory accent. They will attempt to keep his aLIVE presence in future episodes via the least crappy version of internet telephone currently available.

We now stream on the Spectrum, Gamestop, The Twitch Copyrighted Music/The Pandering model vs. The Advertising model Cheesecake Conundrum, actual problematic Dr. Pepper Cheesecake developed by 4Buttonsoul, the term "institutionalized," Phoenix's cursed adult coloring book causes more neuroses than it soothes, Time Warner Cable fucks off, "retirement" by any other name, designated shitting streets, and the three rings of circle-jerk.

Benevolent Kitty Overlord gets "investigated,  "Fucking 15 Fucking Dollars an Hour," featuring Penn Station, fast food mistake theft, Running Tree's bike "repair" story, "The Biggest Problem in the Universe" bites the sudden dust abruptly, ex-member BlueSun purposefully exudes the Dunning Kruger Effect and sells all of his guitars to Potemkin as if to save them from languishing from dis/misuse.

1:14:11 Any listener who has stuck their dick into an electric outlet, or knows someone who has, please contact us @4ButtonSoul. We want to hear your story.

Avocados, tomatoes, "I can get behind a Hungry Man," a very drunk RunningTree, annoying Atheism, psychoanalyzing one another's dreams, RunningTree sobers up, fucked up, not recommended jerk-off techniques, selling out and the disgusting blueberry peeps.

Mixing left-over alcohol with Faygo, Obama's "mic drop," "Look Who's Back" film showcases similarities between Donald Trump and the Nazi Regime, John Waters is the Frank Zappa of movies, "Fucking 15 Dollars an Hour?!" and r/mulatto.

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