1: Reintroduced to Our Brethren in an Elegant and Artistic Form

The 3&3 sheds some "fat" whilst deciding to not go quietly into the night.

The first episode ever released in a semi-timely fashion, the latest incremental ipad revision is briefly spoken about and ethical questions which men exceedingly rich enough to make them exist as ethical questions at all, yet would never bother to discuss... are discussed.

Whale Penis Russian SUV interiors, giant Game Boy projects and insider tales of working at a Featherweight amusement park adorn the reintroduction of 3&3 Fifths: Philosophy in Extremis.

Remember remember the 3-Fifths of November... about a month or so too late. Merry-fuckin' Christmas.

Intro/Outro music by Eden for Lilith

Topical hits:

Human Leather: several prestigious items now available at conveniently affordable price-points!

Dartz: a ridiculous Latvian automotive company, strictly appealing to Cash-Money Millionaires (as of March 2014, this link is "temporarily disabled for public use;" Whales with Penises must have them at a legal impasse) (as of April 2014, back open to public perusal and with more grammatical errors than one can shake a stick at! "300 mm longer than standart, 4 door, with two gas tanks, LED lamps this car is for real man and doesn't matter his nationality.")

Idewild: a family "amusement" park for those pathologically addicted to boredom