2: Stopped, Gets Popped

Phoenix masterfully lays down the tale of an incident in New Mexico where a man is given the judicial and financial equivalent Voltaire's Angry Glove, Penn Jillette's crowdfunded film "Director's Cut" has it's rewards lusted after and Phoenix attempts a biphasic sleep schedule. 

Running Tree succeeds in getting Potemkin strung-out on local ghost-babes and after the evening runs down from the junk-food that had powered it, they sleepily devolve into lower-middle-class culinary suggestions to get the most flavor out of one's "frugal" diet.

May not include Running Tree changing the battery on the recording laptop during conversation thus leading to ubiquitous thumping sounds on the track.

The official, near complete 3&3 Fifths theme song: "Philosopher's Stone," by Eden for Lilith, inspired by our unofficial theme song "Big Bizang" by MC Hawking.

Topical hits:

Doug Stanhope's Atheists Unite charity: A kick-ass guy, rallying kick-ass people for someone that deserves support. Check out all the perks God was willing to comp on behalf of an atheist! What a damned gentleman, this God is.

Director's Cut: Penn Jillette's upcoming film

Pizza Rolls: Choose your death

Probably the hottest time you will have on the internet tonight