Oh Fuck, IT'S aLIVE! #22 4/9/16- "Three Apes, Two Cheese Sandwiches and One Bushman," pts. 1 and 2

Part 1, Old-timey racism; enjoy.
Part 2, The Phoenix Mayo Grilled Cheese Test, begins at 2:36:58

Old-timey racism and fun with 1940's era Sociology and 1920's parentally approved hijinks, the recipe for smiting facebook argumenteurs, Chocolate Fountain Decadence, ASMR Minute, goDROWNyourself, buckets of Christian food, the debut of "Chimp Rapes Frog the GIF" raping the twitter account of professional politics narcissist Peter "Real Doll" Coffin and Color Our Grilled Cheese Blackened... Blackened.