8: Has Anyone Seen the Dragon Dildos?

Sharpie... in the pooper?! Bad Dragon!

The tail end of a Badazon episode (a show dedicated to inappropriately incidental suggestions on Phoenix and Running Tree's Amazon accounts) goes full furry when Phoenix and new member Kristine pass out after a wild cough syrup binge; Running Tree begins sweating out his abundant Absinthe intake as he, 4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin carry on, only to tumble down the rabbit-hole of Bad-dragon.com (which currently looks like it's attempting to capitalize on the release of Jurassic World). This episode results in one frozen-chimichanga bean coma and sore throats for all (from extensive abuse of Bad Dragon merchandise vicariously through reading it's hilarious product copy).

By all means, read it for yourself; it's phenomenal.

Notice: this episode should not be taken as furry... or “scaley” shaming; all sexual acts are equally fucking hilarious, no matter how “traditional” they are said to be (however, rash extremes, say, a fictional dragon/sex-toy company CEO with pocket pussies "modeled" after his anus may be just a mite funnier under certain conditions). Apologies. *darts eyes again, away from humorless fucks*

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