Oh Fuck, IT'S aLIVE! #61 1/27/18- "Motorcycles, Fashion Sense and Jello Biafra"

The International Motorcycle Show 2018 is perused and critiqued; in lieu of being adept at discussing things with only two wheels unless they are featured in Mario Kart, Potemkin adorns his newly acquired Progressive Insurance swag and talks about his experience researching fashion watches and his newfound disdain for internet companies who claim to "cut out the middle man," while Phoenix asserts a watch alternative. Running Tree becomes enamored with Jello Biafra after watching some old daytime talk show clips and runs down a theory that the teens featured and discussed on Donahue and Oprah in the late 80's who were being condescended to by Tipper "Livin' in the land of the Metal Gods" Gore's PMRC are now the ones teaching "tolerant anti-tolerance" and Gender-Earnings-Gap Studies in colleges to the idle and exasperated powder kegs that are the millennial mind.