Oh Fuck, IT'S aLIVE! #60 1/6/18 - "Dat Cyclogenesis is Da BOMB" or "Aokigahara Sez FU"

During the aftermath of the holiday season, in the frozen tundra that was once the north eastern United States, Running Tree aids Phoenix in keeping his IT certifications up-to-date by finding out who indeed "The Last Jedi" are and what a "Puffin" is, Potemkin expresses his inversion of the love he used to feel for Christmas, spending more time playing Dark Souls for the fiftieth time instead of feeling holly, jolly or whathaveyou, a goofy ex-Vine star child posts something ridiculous and pretends to be surprised/sorry when said ridiculous post gets bad press (which is still press, of course), most of our computers are fucked until January 9th, the pending Catherine PS4 remake takes heat from twacktivists because getting mad at Japanese language trailers makes you look like you understand Japanese which is SUPER COOL and 10-year-old drag queens are a thing now, even though the crew was under the progressive assumption that being a drag queen appropriates and mocks transgender culture in a manner that borders on being rampantly vaginaphobic.