Oh Fuck, IT'S aLIVE! #58 11/10/17- "Harvie Weenstien's Mien Bien Machien"

Potemkin asserts that no one on God's forsaken, cerulean pinball-of-death knows what the fuck the left-hand lane on the highway is for, as the crew then descends into Hollywood's erection problem and the pronunciation of "Weinstein," Forza 7 on the Windows 10 "console," the Injustice 2 Online Beta, Destiny (the shitty Twitch streamer not the shitty video game) and hats with speakers;
Running Tree mocks Potemkin's pronunciation of French, 4ButtonSoul and Redolution pop into the chat to make Weinstein dick jokes, the crew questions the motive behind pushing the gender earnings gap and Running Tree brings up transgender suicide rates while Nihilist FDR (Phoenix) takes his final smoke break for the evening after giving an exhausting commentary on all fronts.