3: BlueSun... Blackballed

A precursor to episode 4, which starts us at the end of recording an episode of Shitflix while waiting for original members Mr. The Plague and BlueSun/HeWhoIsCalledIAm/the other name he couldn't settle on, to arrive, the latter who was "brutally maimed in a car accident" on the way over.

Be wary, as constant cross-talk about Fallout 3 and washing-machine repair abound over top Potemkin's exposition of a letter received from a dear family friend, and Running Tree's ISP monopoly rant.

However, Phoenix later gets real and discusses our past endeavors and the ToB network's future, while we verbally test the mettle and languid integrity of now ex-member, BlueSun, who's defense of bathing infrequently is necessarily put on trial as BP postulates that it's directly connected to why he avoids going "below the belt" with his women: they've all apparently been human cheese factories.

That old chestnut: "it smells like fish," lies, pre-lies and lies-masquerading-as-sarcasm corrupt the fist segment of our two-part Anniversary show, recorded in October, 2013, with guest A.K. 47.

Conference soundtrack by Mr. The Plague of History Abhors a Paradox

Topical hits:

Paying facebook for exposure is a scam...

St. Matthew's Church is even more clearly a scam