4: The Bird of Hermes is Thy Name, Bashing Movies to Make You Tame

Our belated Anniversary recording resumes, kicking itself into a smooth sixth gear with the blackballing of ex-member BlueSun reaching it's most opaque.

Antagonistically banal television created for adults is compared to Disney Channel programming before we attempt to get inside of Running Tree's thought process by analyzing his surprising appreciation for Hellsing Ultimate (spoiler city);

BrianshipPotemkin airs his strong distaste for the amateur movie "critics" on rating-aggregation sites while getting his own interview with the two "Bobs" about his religious boycott of the Lord of the Rings films;

Phoenix shines whilst backing up the proclamation that Steve Jobs is the Hitler of our generation, all opening with special guest A.K. 47 and featuring the perpetually rhythmic enforcer: loud-fucking-furnace.

Topical Hits:

The Big Bang Theory (not a link to interesting scientific progress) in it's natural habitat

Garfield-Garfield: the only way to read anything created by Jim Davis is after it's fully edited by and put through the filter of someone with a sense of humor

R.L. Stine on NSFW, somewhere in there, is probably doing more for your children than you are

This man should use his voice for the lesser good for once: the illustrious art of phone sex. Listen to his audiobooks and be confused as to what percentage of your erection/clitoral perkiness is due to the influx of knowledge and what is due to his silky, dulcet tones.