Oh Fuck, IT'S aLIVE! #51 4/9/17- "Farewell, Sweet Viceroy"

After awakening from a month-long podcasting coma induced by the triumphantly procured double-dose of the Chipotle "Chiptopia" rewards program, "Hot" level, code name: "Dark Souls of Burritos" (details here), the 3&3 Fifths crew arises to some sudden and sad news; their English Correspondent, 4ButtonSoul has been promoted by the podcasting Gods to the position of "Tower of Babel Viceroy of Great Britain" and is being immediately relocated across the Atlantic for active duty. The crew will miss his farts and memes, but even more so, his insights, quick wit and more than satisfactory accent. Alas, they will strive to keep his presence aLIVE in future episodes via the least crappy version of internet telephone currently available.

West coast gas station Pringles rate-hikes tra-la-la, Potemkin goes on his first flight, airports and the yoga pants proliferation, last summer's 3&3 Fifths goFUNDyourself, the "Pooper App" thankfully turns out to have been satire, World Star Amish Hip-hop, truTV ruins Adam Ruins Everything and more gender "wage" gap fear mongering continues to "incidentally" perpetuate that your coworkers are the enemy and not your manipulative, penny-pinching bosses.

Topical Hits:
As Adam Ruins Everything has said, discuss salary with your coworkers, thus taking away your boss' power to pay all of you less... or just blame white men because you're too passive or lazy to ask for a raise.