5: The Torture Occasionally Lets Up a Little

Opening with a tale of an old friend humiliating herself, Phoenix finally gets a P.O. Box for Box for our future hopefully filled snail-hate-mail and letter bombs. 

Gas stations and their late-night-carding techniques have got ol' Running Tree down; JFK rears his handsome head (who apparently everyone but Oswald wanted to put a bullet through) and Running Tree's “acceptable line” for the ambiguity of incest is uncovered as he regales us with his family dinner story from earlier that day, his sentences now and again told with a mouthful of pecan pancake. 

BrianshipPotemkin drifts off hard during heavy talk of NSFW/TWIT.tv inter-office politics but pops back in to indulge RT's burgeoning ability to reference the legendary Frank Zappa, regardless of topic: ahh... the allusion never stops.