10: Craigslist Cruisin'

Beginning with a discussion of bipartisan politics, Phoenix refuses to work on his newly acquired Datson; him and 4ButtonSoul discuss English Conservatism and cheaply purchased classic cars on both sides of the pond, amidst BrianshipPotemkin being consumed by perusing the depths of human depravity/hilarity in the Wellington, Florida craigslist personals, inspired by a near lost recording from earlier in the evening, focused on ridiculous criminal behavior in the ".22 pistol with Elephantiasis" shaped State.

Featuring RunningTree on rhythmic coughing fits and washtub bass, and a lackadaisical Macbook Pro that is possibly responsible for butchering the rest of the evening's material, making it near impossible to edit. The ghost of Steve Jobs: still screwing the little guy in all of his private spots.

Topical Hits:

An aggregate of potentially hysterical Floridian news