12: No More Than Two Ice Cubes

Special guest The Pantsless Scholar and the 3&3 crew learn about resident teetotaler Phoenix's alcohol stash; eating strange animals, Phoenix's regrets about watching Vanilla Ice Goes Amish and his racist hometown school district, how to make GMOs more efficient, Phoenix's homoerotic assumptions about the The Lord of the Rings films as he assumes that everyone else feels the same way and presents a peace offering to Potemkin by way of sharing his 1.75 liter bottle of The Kraken Spiced Rum.

The Pantless Scholar finds out he's been sitting up against Benevolent Kitty Overlord's “fun blanket," and of course, a long, overdue and by far the most depressing reference to Frank Zappa by Running Tree yet; Potemkin doing surreptitious edits to Phoenix's memoirs, 4ButtonSoul's pet albino mouse and Potemkin mixes up his American Classics whilst trying to make a strip club joke.

Acid House bark-beat backing track by: Narcoleptic Ned's dog, Spatula Sam, who's lust for racial purity in her house guests has been tested and confirmed.