11: Roving Purgatory- Amish Overload, pt. 2

While Phoenix takes a “work call,” RunningTree engages 4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin with his hilariously vast amount of Amish knowledge whilst they all prepare to watch the initial episode of “Amish Mafia” for a second recording of "Shitflix and Giggles."

The misspelling of “Champagne” and using the names of regions to sell unauthentic products at exorbitant rates, Potemkin's Catholic upbringing and his hence perverse affection for sacrilegious, however overbearing feminists, cow farts and Global warming, controlling the weather for “the common good” to create Arizona Bay, Bobcat Goldthwait and Tim Curry never ages.

4ButtonSoul shops his board game podcast idea to the group (pending release, there are already two episodes in the can) while Potemkin takes his own “work call;” Full House being “remade, game show reruns, planning our own version of Tell 'em Steve-Dave's “Makin' Hay” at the local outlet store and a subversive plan for BlueSun's wedding (which sadly never came to pass because the “open bar” consisted of Bud Light and Franzia... so no member of 3&3 chose to indulge.)

Topical Hits:

Steve Harvey as host of Family Feud and his "funny" moments. Although Steve Harvey's laughter sometimes seems as drawn-on as his mustache, some of his reactions are a bit funny when they aren't too canned and are even pretty funny when they are too canned, because he's definitely a funny person; we'll forgive Phoenix (the one who at one point suggested that Ralphie May is funny) for this ambiguous topic of conversation (we watched this video to verify your claim, Phoenix and it didn't kill us, so thanks. But It's mostly shit. You owe us ten minutes of our lives back.) -ed.