7: TEDsjw- Ideas Worth Fumigating, pt. 2

Why does it seem like people want to be of a demographic? Aren't commercially defined demographics a bad thing, as advertisers consistently insult the idea of individual taste by preying on group-think? What are these "SJW's" fighting for, exactly... to have minorities racially targeted by advertising? Commercials telling a person to be "unique" by buying their product aren't anything new, simply because they appeal to a person's instincts to be socially "agreeable." It's literally the same advertisement.

Why would anyone want a third party to be in charge of defining them? You're already a disenfranchised demographic by existing in this first world society, but thus, the most powerful demographic that can exist: the demographic of one.

You thus, have the ability to create your own art, starring you and your own ideas. Don't accuse your soon to be erstwhile betters of not personifying you with their talent. Do not use your elegance and prosperity as a Shakespearean device against the weak-willed and the impoverished.

If a person is ever in the position to demand that anyone else should feel guilty for not taking up their own personal cause, then that very person is in the position, given an ambiguous span of time, able to become a tyrant.; a human, obviously, but with a legacy no more ethically reputable than the extent of Godwin's Law. ...and people just like you, but perhaps those who so happen to subtly disagree with you slightly, do strangely accrue their own "freedom fighters," which manifest as their own front on the holy war that this circular idiocy has scraped out as a trench through all of humanity's history.

Intellectual Tyrants seem to still be chic these days: so people might be faacked, Ricky.

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