Oh Fuck, IT'S ALIVE! #55 9/3/17- "The Injaculation Episode"

Slacker philosophers Phoenix, Running Tree, 4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin broadcast LIVE! from The Onyx Tower whilst drinking and making merry over philosophy and human behavior.

Hot off the heels of eating a homemade chorizo and pepper pizza and a summer thus far dedicated to installing clutches and exhaust pipes into their Japanese vehicles, the crew rejoins to find that everything but make-up tutorials and children's programming on youtube is "not suitable for all advertisers," while reading web copy for the "Jiftip" which some overstocked Chinese warehouse with the help of Maxim magazine are trying to unload on promiscuous Americans as some kind of Dick Pleasure Band-Aid; Running Tree and Potemkin report on their visit to Ken Ham's 100 million-dollar Spruce Goose of God in Kentucky and discussions of North Korea's nuclear chest-puffing amidst it's dwindling attempt at isolationism climax the episode to ensure a windfall of even less frightened-youtube-advertiser dollars.

Topical Hits:
Do not buy this 
Do not visit this
Do not accidentally nuke this

"As photography and video recording by infidels are not permitted inside Ken Ham's Dino-raft and Zip-line Experience, the following imagery of Running Tree, BrianshipPotemkin and their reverent encounter have been painstakingly recreated using Tower of Babel Studios space for your entertainment purposes only, mow." -E.P. Pete J. Mewman.