6: TEDsjw- Ideas Worth Fumigating, pt. 1

Garage episode number 2: we fast forward nine months in an attempt to be timely and relevant. 4ButtonSoul and BrianshipPotemkin, who have been-knee deep in the Gamergate, Zoe Quinnspiracy/Sarkeesian Death-Threat-Opportunism Operation of 2014, fill in Phoenix and Running Tree (for the second time) on the import of this whole philosophical vortex.

Are women allowed to be criticized under this new model? Should the ideas of a con-artist, female or not, be analysed at all?

Self righteous Twitter hooligans are addressed, as we realize that Twitter itself is simply a political MMPRPG; Joss Whedon's "Space Rapist," Thunderf00t's consistently laudable rebuttal of Sarkeesian and 6oodfella's "review" by the "war is peace" freethoughtblogs.com enclave are all talked about in extremis. We may be too late. This can all be solved with the institution of Internet.gov, where all is regulated, you maggots!

Topical hits:

"Extra! Extra! WOMAN does SOMETHING!"

Wait, Patricia Hernandez wrote the latter of these pieces, so of course no one should have taken this seriously. Notice the "update" about how her and Quinn are "friends." The pretense to this amendment contends that the article was not originally intended as an op-ed about how the creator of heartfeltexperimental games, who she seems to have only just recently found out about, that she has in no way known personally, but who she thinks you should check out, is super cool.

All "updates" aside, she was clearly supporting a colleague and friend with that Kotaku post under the guise of integral journalism. That's called a "blog." Kotaku is a blog, with a lot of money running through it.

Tower of Babel's own Mort Perkins reported after providing the links for the previous paragraphs:

"HOW IS THIS GAMING NEWS (there are real tech weenies out there that have done the same thing a few years ago, I can only assume this is how she attempted to get her friend to turn on the lime light)?"

We of course, had to fire Mort due to his errant misogyny.