Issue 36: #FelixNaggerbergAin'tNoRacist- of Ken Ham's Ark Encounter, Heatbuff Updates and PewDiePie (again)

DMCA PewDiePie.png

One Eighth nearly eats himself to death on shrimp and chooses to not invite WilyMD to his screening of the "IT" remake.

Together, however, the Randals reluctantly refuse once again to not come to the defense of the World's Most Targeted Internet Swede 2017, PewDiePie, the internet daddy of an entire generation of what The Wall Street Journal considers "Hitler Youth 2: Dark Territory"; this time the blue-eyed, fair-haired Steven Seagal of the Internet Übermensch finds himself lapping up blogger/tweeter jism with penitent tongue once again for his apparent slander of one gamer... AND an entire race of people, all at the same time.

Remember: it's not what you know, it's what you can prove; and what can be proven is that anyone who's delicate and completely blemish-free ass begins to chap and slowly erode down to the butt-bones when they hear a young person swear in anger using a racial slur has never in their life played a video game online; or they're just an opportunistic prick journalist on a slow news day; or perhaps they're a fancy-pants game developer that really needs the world to understand that he stands for something because his games just don't feel relevant enough in this racial post-apocalypse that we refer to derisively as Trump's America. Something has to be done and time will tell that this lone DMCA abusing, social media hero is on THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. The best game developers are the ones who spend a great percentage of their time attempting to by volume out-tweet David-fucking-Jaffe.

One would think that PC gaming culture is fairly fucking adjacent to Internet culture, thus WilyMD "Last Week Legatos" over ironically being so out of touch with the very thing they use to publish their own media/something very connected to what their media concerns, that they defer to The Southern Poverty Law Center's assessment of what "kek" is; which is kind of like a musician attempting to arrange Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. X on guitar for the first time, google searching for the sheet music... and clicking a link that leads to The Southern Poverty Law Center. After letting the steam out of his system, he provides the Y'all BOOLshittin'! September Envavo Heatbuff Kickstarter Update, and fields OneEighth's questions about his and Running Tree's "Ken Ham's Boat that Don't Float" Museum Adventure, as well as his summer spent "dropping a tranny" in Running Tree's "garage."

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