Issue 37: #ThomasSmithSitsAwkwardlyForAnHour&Twenty- The 2017 Mythicon Massacre

The 2017 Mythicon Massacre was just like the Massacre at Sioux Falls, except only one person was murdered: many, many times.

According to Steve "TheAssman" Shives, much like VidCon 2017, the MythiCon Milwaukee organizers infringed upon the boundaries of good sense when they allowed their convention to be crashed by the most savagely dangerous group of individuals since The Walt Disney Company: The Coalition of Racists, Rape Apologists and Misogynists, or "YouCRRAM." 

The Randals take a look and comment on the anemic Thomas Smith as he attempts to guilt-trip his own audience into debating Sargon of Akkad for him, after realizing that the Stephen King length novel of notes on his CuckBook Pro are of no use when the principles they were written on have the intellectual consistency of Nickelodeon Gak.

The aftermath has seen Steve "JJFuckz" Shives calling for Jihad.

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