Issue 31: #WatermelonWaterbloating- of Gator Shirts, Gay Pride and Tariq-Na-pants-Sheeit

WilyMD takes it upon himself to make a stark and forcefully un-Democratic fashion statement for the Y'all BOOLshittin'! brand and OneEighth recovers from a two week long ear infection, returning to engross-out the former with a story of eating an entire watermelon himself, while Wily spent the short hiatus failing to discover how the little-known, less oily, yet slightly more brown Roosh V has cracked attention-farming records on social media after having converted from PUA to a race-bating, social justice Twitter-Jihadist overnight, all because he was too busy watching and auto-hosting the 24 hour, week-long Mr. Rogers stream on Twitch.

The Randals return with WilyMD telling the story of his one day trip to New York to the guy who was featured in a TMZ pussy-shot of Al Sharpton in Times Square, OneEighth, who undoes Wily's luck of having incidentally dodged a flurry of pedantic response videos whilst pondering the relevant contrast between Mr. Rogers and The Disney Channel, by catching him up on Tariq "The Art of Mackin'" Nasheed's racial Twactivism and the new "inclusive," yet particularly exclusive Gay Pride Flag, to then test his implicit bias once again with the award-snubbing game show, "Black Guy or White Guy?", all packaged behind the sexiest YB! thumbnail yet.

Stay Baitin', Tariq.

                                                 pictured: oneeighth, privy to boolshittin'

                                                 pictured: oneeighth, privy to boolshittin'

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This week's tunes:
The "YB!RS EMERGENCY, we've got no music this week!!!" song:
The Lure of the Kissing Skull
, by Vaults of Extoth ft. JSarge
From the UK

All songs used with permission by OneEighth and BrianshipPotemkin for the Y'all BOOLshittin'! Radio Show