Issue 29: #gogreen18GoesAWOL- of Heatbuff Updates, Laci Green and Penn & Teller's "Bullshit!" Season 1

The Jerk Store called and they're running out of YOU.

The Randals, "goFUNDyourself" backers of the Envavo Heatbuff, take a consumer survey sent out by it's creators, Laci Green clearly makes the financially wise choice for her brand to partially eschew her MTV-funded echo chamber by pretending to invite in adversarial voices from long standing detractors, much to the chagrin of her fan base, while WilyMD introduces OneEighth to Kevin "Pongo Robustus" Logan, undisputed champion of the condescending, webcam-dwelling, Shite-Knight lunatics who claim to defend Laci Green from Super SJW Fighters and from herself, all wrapping up on a lighter note with the new bit: "Bullshit on BOOLshit," where the Randals talk about their favorite episodes of Penn & Teller, which inspires OneEighth to share the story where he dreamt "the future."

If YouTube's Xxtra-thicc milkshake and sex "educator"/social justice pontificate Laci Green's fiscally intelligent decision to insulate her digital perspective just a bit less angers or scares you, then you're either atomically overzealous or cynically degenerative.

Go outside, get some fresh air and stop using youtube/twitter as the inbred offspring of MMORPG and Soap Opera that it is. Meet some real people, forget all about how her opinions and breasts represent and fulfill you and you'll be just fine.

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This week's tunes:
Idea, by Replay
From Bologna, Italy
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Recall, by Dayfly
From Columbus, Ohio

All songs used with permission by OneEighth and BrianshipPotemkin for the Y'all BOOLshittin'! Radio Show