Issue 0: #RandalGraves,Squared

Two friends reunite and tell their origin story from 2007.

Step 1: OneEighth, while visiting the home of BrianshipPotemkin for the first time and wearing his George Costanza “The Jerk Store Called” shirt (which was generously given as a gift by the latter), after summarily assuming that a Final Fantasy VII disc cannot be played in a PS3, slowly and awkwardly gets readjusted to hanging out with him;

Step 2: OneEighth talks about his recent facebook pogrom that fully intrigues BrianshipPotemkin whilst bringing him to tears of laughter;

Step 3: Both recall how the fates introduced them to one another and have a rather good time remembering how neither of them respect stupid-ass shit ; irate, moronic customers; #JONES; mixed-race history month and more;

Step 4: Jolly cooperation: making fun of louts, playing Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars (and it's soon to be sequel) while laughing at more foo's...

...soon to come on Y'all BOOLshittin'!