Issue 13, Ghostbusters Edition 2: #FreeMilo,ButKindof#FuckMilo,Too

Randal 2 rewatches the original Ghostbusters a day after seeing Ghostbusters 2016 with Randal 1, to discuss it's merits as a classic and Leslie "Im am a stand up comedian" Jones pretends to be twelve again, allowing herself to be bullied off of twitter... for a day, while writer Milo Yiannopoulos continues to turn a silly comedy film into an outrage-porn spearheaded battle against Feminism.

Spoilers... Feminist traits not included in Ghostbusters 2016: shoehorned gender politics, skewed statistics, negative amounts of humor, the terms "sexist," "racist," or "homophobic," twitter hashtag slacktivism and general first-world whining about movies and video games. Pro Tip: Try not to be the "anti-feminist" version of this.

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